SENTICOM provides professional IT Services for San Francisco, South Marin and East Bay areas.

With IT outsourcing becoming a growing trend, we offer small businesses, nonprofit organizations and corporate world a reliable partnership, timely and cost-effective solutions for existing and growing demands for quality technical expertise.
Information Technology is our passion, and we will gladly take care of your technology needs, concerns, chores and headaches, helping you run your business more efficiently and free up more of your valuable time.
There are many reasons to consider outsourcing: while some businesses may not be able to afford staff IT person, others may need to downsize to stay competitive or even to survive; yet others may have always relied on their own knowledge of Information Technology, never considered hiring IT professionals in the past, and are only now discovering pros and cons of hired IT help.
Whatever the reason may be - hiring professional IT Services may be the best fit for your business, and may prove to be a time and/or money saving proposition.